OsteoDetect AI tool finds wrist fractures, gets FDA approval

Brittany A. Roston - May 28, 2018, 5:25 pm CST
OsteoDetect AI tool finds wrist fractures, gets FDA approval

The FDA has approved a new artificial intelligence tool called OsteoDetect that helps doctors diagnose wrist fractures. The tool is a computer-aided detection and diagnosis software application that uses AI algorithms to help healthcare providers determine if a wrist fracture is present at a faster rate than traditional diagnostic technologies.

The FDA has increasingly approved new technologies that offer novel ways to diagnose and support healthcare providers. The new OsteoDetect approval is the latest example of the FDA’s increased acceptance of new technologies, this one specifically targeted at diagnostics. The software works by using AI to analyze 2D x-ray images of the patient’s wrist.

According to the FDA, the software identifies the fracture — if one is present — and automatically marks it on the image, helping the doctor quickly spot it and diagnose the problem. The software works for adult wrists and identifies distal radius fractures.

Various healthcare settings could benefit from such technology, including emergency rooms, primary care offices, and urgent care facilities. It’s important to note that the software doesn’t replace the healthcare expert; rather, it is classified as an adjunct tool.

The company behind OsteoDetect demonstrated the AI software’s usefulness in diagnosing wrist fractures via a study involving 1,000 x-ray images, as well as another study involving 24 providers who reviewed a total of 200 cases. According to the FDA, the two studies demonstrated the OsteoDetect improved detection and diagnosis of wrist fractures.


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