Osim Nioi Alarm Clock Wakes You Up With A Smell

We've all seen those sound effect alarm clocks that are meant to act as white noise or to lull you to sleep with sounds of the rainforest. But the Osim Nioi Alarm Clock is taking the art of inducing sleepiness out of the auditory arena and into the realm of smell.

Designer Alfie Lake has developed this scent-focused alarm system that wakes you up with different smells as opposed to a loud, obnoxious noise. It includes three slots that you can load with different scent cartridges.

The interesting part is you can assign different smells to different situations. For instance, when you're trying to go to sleep, a mild lavender scent can help you drift off to catch some ZZZ's. But when it's time to wake up, the scent of freshly baked bread is sure to rouse you from slumber. And make you hungry.

[via Gadgetizer]