OS X Leopard update to grant current AirPort Extreme owners networked backups

James Allan Brady - Jan 22, 2008

So when Time Capsule was announced it was understandable that there were a good number of people that were AirPort Extreme owners wondering if they’d be able to do something similar with their AirPort Extreme’s and an external hard drive. Well, it appears as though 10.5.2, the next update in the OS X line, will enable that, and will also carry the necessary updates to make it possible to use the Time Capsule.

There are several other additions carried in the update, but I found that to be one of the more important ones. So now you have the choice of having an AirPort Extreme with an external HDD connected to it, or the Time Capsule which is like an external HDD with an integrated AirPort Extreme.

There isn’t any official word when the new update will hit, but considering it was temporarily listed as a requirement for the Time Capsule; chances are it will land in your Software Update queue by then. That means sometime in February.

[via arstechnica]

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