OS X 10.9 tipped to further close gap with iOS features

When Apple released OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion last year, it was a further step in decreasing the gap between the desktop platform and iOS. However, it looks like the next version of OS X will take it even further. OS X 10.9 is rumored to come with a handful of iOS-like features, including a multitasking panel similar to iOS, as well as the ability to pause background apps.

According to 9to5Mac, OS X 10.9 will cater towards more power users, but will still keep features that also cater towards everyday users. However, it's said that OS X 10.9 won't be a complete overhaul like OS X Leopard or OS X Lion was, but we can still expect some new features in the upcoming OS that will see the the platform taking baby steps to closing the gap with iOS.

Furthermore, both Finder and Safari will be getting some updates that will cater towards those power users, including tabbed browsing in Finder, as well as a redesigned backend in Safari for improved page loading and overall efficiency of the browser, which should put the web browser in the running up there with Chrome and Firefox.

Of course, there are plenty of third-party utilities that offer these kinds of features, including tabbed browsing in Finder (and much, much more), but it would be nice if OS X came with these features by default. Finder has always been a stubborn file browser, and it seems third-party apps are the only way to truly experience a great file browser. Internally, OS X 10.9 is said to be codenamed "Cabernet," but we're guessing that won't be the final name for the OS, as Apple has always been naming OS X after various wild cat names.

[via 9to5Mac]