Origin unveils 1TB and 750GB Data Locker external HDDs

External storage solutions are great for backing up data, but if that data is sensitive, you have to protect it from theft and in the event that the drive is lost. The way to do this is with encryption of some sort. Origin (PDF) has announced a couple new high capacity DataLocker external storage solutions with powerful encryption.

The drive is available with 1TB or 750GB capacities. The drive encrypts the data with AES hardware encryption and a six to 18-digit PIN number that is entered directly into the drive itself. The device protects your data from all sorts of attacks and has one touch drive erase for rapid deployment.

The keypad for the numbers is also randomized each time to prevent someone from watching you enter the PIN. To get the high-end AES hardware security the Pro version is the way to go with pricing starting at £299.00 for the 750GB version and £399.99 for the 1TB.