OreObject rolls out SPHEREtouch mouse, a touch-sensitive ball of steel

What's that?  A ball of steel?  It's actually the OreObject SPHEREtouch mouse, and yes, it's essentially a handcrafted ball of steel, albeit touch-enabled, and functions as a mouse.  For a ball of steel, it's pretty pricey, starting at $155.

The handmade mouse is available in your preference of steel, titanium and platinum, and OreObject has added a large horizontal scroll wheel and two touch-sensitive buttons.   Oh yeah, it's also both PC and Mac compatible, so don't go running off and complaining that this won't work with your 27-inch iMac (which also happens to actually not work).

$155 nets you the ball of steel, while the top-end platinum version will need $225 from your pocket.  Guess you could always say that you will always have a ball of steel at your disposal, one that's secretly a mouse.

[via Engadget]