OPPO MagVOOC takes another stab at magnetic wireless charging

Like it or not, Apple is really a trendsetter, even if it isn't the first to come out with a product or technology. When it repurposed its MagSafe branding to cover magnet-assisted wireless charging, it was expected that some manufacturers would follow suit sooner or later. It's no surprise, either, that one of those would be OPPO. The smartphone maker has admittedly been at the forefront of charging technologies for smartphones, and its new MagVOOC tech is its latest attempt to maintain that lead.

The disadvantages of current wireless charging technologies are mostly well-known by now. Devices have to be positioned correctly on the surface, and the charging coils can't be too far apart. The latter is being addressed by "air" charging that's still in development, while the former is being solved by the new generation of magnetic wireless charging solutions.

OPPO MagVOOC, just like Apple MagSafe and Realme MagDart, utilizes magnets to properly align a phone's wireless charging coil to that of the charger. This ensures that, no matter how you place the device, it will always snap into place perfectly.

OPPO's showcase at the Smart China Expo 2021 revealed three MagVOOC wireless flash charging products. There's a typical wireless power bank, an ultra-thin flash charger, and a charging stand that the company says reduces 60% of the preparation time when trying to charge a phone. However, OPPO didn't go into detail about how fast its MagVOOC charging tech is.

The company also revealed in-car phone connectivity technologies at the event, including a digital car key that lets owners use their OPPO Find X3 or OPPO Watch 2 to unlock their cars. The devices can also be used to remotely access some car functionality, like turning on the air conditioning or sounding the horn. OPPO didn't mention when these technologies are expected to hit the market.