OPPO Find X vs Vivo NEX S: durability face-off

If it were a question of novelty, this year's winners are Chinese brands not many might be aware of. The Vivo NEX S and then the OPPO Find X have definitely stirred up interest in alternative solutions to the bezel-less screen puzzle. But while their elevating tops are almost ingenious in their creativity, they also raise questions of durability. Fortunately, JerryRigEverything's Zack Nelson is up to the task and has now put both phones through his triple torture test.

After the Vivo NEX S almost two weeks ago, Nelson has gotten his hand on a more expensive OPPO Find X. Unlike the NEX S' elevating camera, the entire top of the Find X rises to reveal not just the front camera but the dual main cameras as well. Oh, and the ear speaker, too.

We'll spare you the now boring parts of the YouTuber's tests. The OPPO Find X is definitely scratch resistant, though there is no fingerprint scanner to test this time. Its AMOLED screen also burns white and never recovers. But that's a very minor concern compared to when the screen actually cracks with the same force Nelson applies to other phones that survived.

Changes in the phone's internal design have introduced a structural weak point where the Find X easily bends and breaks with enough force, like the pressure of gravity and your bum. The Vivo NEX S, however, did not have such a problem since it changed little inside, only allocating a small moving part for the front camera alone. But is that camera itself durable? Vivo obviously wants you to believe so.

That's definitely an impressive feat, though users are sometimes even more brutal than controlled lab tests. For now, however, it seems that the Vivo NEX S wins in survivability even if it's slightly less pretty than its nearest rival.