Opera singer Sarah Brightman to spend ten days on the ISS

If you aren't a fan of British opera singers, you might not recognize the name Sarah Brightman. She is a 54-year-old soprano singer who started singing on stage in Phantom of the Opera. Word has surfaced that the singer is currently in training for an out of this world trip- literally. Brightman has reportedly spent a whopping $52 million to spend ten days in space on the ISS.

This isn't the first person to pay money to take a trip into space; other wealthy individuals have caught rides on Russian spacecraft and spent time on the ISS. Brightman won't simply walk up and get on the rocket and head to space, she has to train for six months.

Apparently, the space flight training has to be completed before the singer can leave the Earth. If successful, she will be the eighth tourist to spend time on the ISS and the first international celebrity. Brightman is a fan of space travel and says she has wanted to travel into space since she watched the moon landings in 1969.

While Brightman is certainly very rich, her reported net worth is less than the price of the trip. It is assumed that her promoters are paying for a large portion of the trip, if not all. Brightman has also confirmed she will be the first artist to sing from space.