Opera for Android version 55 adds an improved night mode

Night modes are a beautiful thing, aren't they? Opera seems to understand that, as today it's shipping out an improved night mode in Opera for Android version 55. There are a few other changes coming along with this update, but the bulk of it seems to be the improvements the company has made to night mode.

Opera devotes most of its blog post about version 55 to these night mode changes, so let's dive in and see what's new. Opera has had a night mode for a long time, but with this new iteration, you'll be able to fine tune the experience. Chief among the new additions are sliders for additional dimming and color temperature, letting you turn down brightness and tweak blue light settings with more fine control.

Opera's dark mode now also features a number of different toggles – one for night mode, which will flip on your color temperature and dimming setting, but another for the dark theme. In web pages that support dark mode CSS, simply flipping on the dark theme will be enough, but as Opera points out, there aren't a ton of web pages out there that do that.

When you encounter one of those webpages, you can toggle the "Dark web pages" setting to let Opera take the reins. With this setting, Opera says that is has "put major effort into applying clever CSS changes to web pages without such support to make your night-time browsing even darker. In combination with the dark theme and additional dimming, you can now browse with a minimal emission of light."

Add to that an option to dim the keyboard (which will be useful if you haven't installed a keyboard that supports night mode) and automatic scheduling, and we've got ourselves a fleshed out night mode here.

Opera has also implemented some changes to news by adding support for more countries and languages and launching a new, two-column layout on tablets. Finally, the company has made it easier to switch between tabs by swiping the bottom bar, meaning you no longer need to drop into the tab gallery to change things up. Opera for Android 55 is available today, so update your browser and check out these new features.