Opera and Opera Mini get built-in ad blocker

The Opera browser has been gaining some cool new features recently. Last month the version of Opera for computer users gained a free and integrated VPN solution in the developer version that will eventually come to all users in the standard version of the browser. Opera is back now with the announcement that Opera for computers and Opera Mini are getting a built in ad blocker.

Opera says that the ad blocking tech will allow users to browse the web faster and more smoothly. Opera says that thanks to the ad blocker in Opera Mini pages load 40% faster than they do without the tech installed. Blocking the ads also helps you save data costs on a metered connection. Removing the ads along with the compression technology in Opera Mini can reduce the data usage on a webpage as much as 90%.

Opera for computers claims to speed page loading by up to 89% compared to surfing the web with no ad blocking in place and by up to 45% compared to third party ad-blockers. Memory usage with ten tabs on Chrome is claimed to be 1274MB, with Opera it's 1123MB for the same tabs. Opera and the Ad Blocker Plus Extension uses 940MB of memory with Opera and its built-in solution using 604MB of memory.

In the latest version of the browser, the integrated ad-blocker can be turned on with a single click in settings. Users can choose to allow ads on specific pages by clicking the blue shield with the X inside it. Users can also compare webpage load speed with and without blocking. Opera Mobile's ad blocking tech is offered on both the iOS and Android versions of the browser. The video below shows you how to enable the new ad blocker on Opera Mini.