Opera 11.60 desktop browser launches

Opera software has announced today that it is now releasing a new version for its desktop browser for fans to download. The new version of the browser is Opera 11.6 and it has a bunch of new features. Apparently, one of the biggest benefits of the new browser is that Justin Bieber doesn't use it. Let's be honest, that is a benefit.

The major new feature of the latest version of the browser is a revamped address field. It now has search suggestions to access sites faster and it has a star in the address field for bookmarking pages easily. The browser also has a new engine that offers significant improvements and makes the browser faster and more stable.

Along with the new browser also comes a new mail design with the built-in mail client. The mail client will allow you to manage your mail automatically. It also has a cleaner layout, message grouping, and a more intuitive inbox view and navigation. You can download the new browser version right now.