Opera 11.60 beta breaks cover

If you are a big fan of the Opera desktop browser there is a new beta version for you to check out if you are into beta testing. The new version of the browser is 11.60 and it adds in some interesting features that some people will really like. The new version of the browser has a new HTML5 parsing algorithm that is Opera's own implementation.

The new beta version also adds CSS3 radial gradients to the mix allowing the web page designer to design ellipses and even double rainbows that the 11.60 version can render. The browser is also supporting ECMAScript 5.1, which is the latest version of JavaScript standards. The browser also has some other interesting HTML5 support.

11.60 is the first browser to support HTML5 microdata. That microdata is used by search engines to help enhance the search results returned for phrases. You can grab the beta 11.60 browser right now at Opera.com.