OpenEars earbuds record binaural '3D' audio

Binaural recordings different from the recordings you get with a standard stereo microphone, in that they result in so-called '3D audio'. This is due to the two microphones' placement — on the head at each ear or on an object in the same arrangement as you'd get from ear-placement. Making binaural recordings has traditionally been difficult, but a new pair of earbuds aims to change that — they're called OpenEars, and they can be used to record 3D audio that sounds more true-to-life than commonly recorded audio.

The earbuds are promised to offer high-quality audio; they work as a Bluetooth headset, have passive noise isolation, and can be charged up in less than 60 minutes. The Bluetooth functionality makes them cable free, and playback (such as for music) is controlled via a smartphone app. There's "HearThrough" technology, as well, for hearing audio from your surroundings.

There's livestreaming capabilities rounding it all out, and connectivity support for GoPro cameras. Of course, OpenEars isn't the first product to do this. There's the Roland CS-10EM binaural earbuds with integrated microphones, for example, which offer largely the same functionality.

Binauric, the company behind the earbuds, is seeking about $137,000 USD on Kickstarter, where it has raised about $38,000 USD of that amount with 19 days remaining. Those interested can get the OpenEars earbuds for a pledge of $131 USD, with the shipping to backers being estimated to start in November of this year. The planned retail pricing is 199 Euro.

SOURCE: Kickstarter