Only 50% Of iPhone Users Backup To iTunes

Apple's iCloud announcement from WWDC 2011 sounds promising, freeing iPhone and iPad users from ever having to physically connect their iOS devices to their computers for backing up to iTunes. With the iCloud-powered iOS 5, backups will be automatically synced to the cloud. And thank goodness, now that we know from an insider tip that only 50 percent of iPhone users ever backup their data to iTunes. The iCloud will surely save a lot of data loss headaches.

According to the informant of a former Macworld Associate Editor David Chartier, only 50 percent of iPhone users that have swapped their iPhones at the Genius Bar have ever plugged them into a computer for backup and syncing. The source claims that this is a huge reason why Apple Store Geniuses are excited about the iCloud.

The number is most likely an estimate based on common observation but does go to show that such an option for backup has been long overdue. There have been options to sync contacts, mail, and calendar using options such as with Google for free or with Apple's MobileMe for a price. The iCloud promises something much better a it will be deeply integrated into iOS 5 and makes the backup process completely automatic and free.

[via MacRumors]