OnLive game service is shutting down April 30

OnLive, a gaming-centric company offering a cloud platform, among other things, has announced that it will be shutting down later on this month. The move isn't surprising, given the company's financial troubles and recent layoffs, and according to a statement from the company, Sony will be swooping in to "acquire important parts" of the company. Unfortunately for those who use it, one of the important parts isn't its continued operations, and so all will be going dark on April 30.

OnLive announced the news today on its website, saying that "it is with great sadness" that it has come to this, but that at least parts of the service will live on in Sony's hands (not that such matters to consumers). Until April 30 rolls around, the service "should" keep operating without interruption, though OnLive doesn't seem entirely sure about that.

When April 30 rolls around, however, OnLive will be shutting its data centers down and the service will then go offline at that time, with all the data being deleted (that includes all the credit card and gaming data) and the accounts all being closed.

The exception is OnLive games bought through Steam, which will continue to be available through Steam. No refunds of any type will be offered, the service says. Likewise, though it'll be operating for the next month, OnLive warns that its customer service will be "extremely limited". If you're not familiar with OnLive and what all it offered, check out the timeline below!