OnLive cloud gaming service demoed, lag may be an issue

Any gamer that plays online games will tell you that lag is a serious problem. Too much lag keeps you from being able to control your character and gets you fragged, killing the fun of gaming. One of the big problems that many gamers feared when the OnLive cloud gaming service first surfaced was lag.

The other question was if the graphics of the cloud-based gaming service would be up to par considering it was going to offer some games with decent graphics for play. Some game geeks have spent time with the service and came away with the feeling that for some games and gamers the OnLive service will be good enough.

If you are a power gamer or one of the hardcore, the service isn't for you according to the story. The crux of the story is that lag is a factor, image quality is an issue for those used to PC graphics, game selection is limited, and bandwidth congestion can really kill the system. Granted the OnLive service is still in beta, here's hoping it improves a lot.