Onkyo Unveils Entry-level AV Receivers

When it comes to home theater, Onkyo makes some of the coolest gear on the market. The company has unveiled three new entry-level receivers this week that include the 7.2-channel TX-NR609, the 5.1-channel TX-NR509 and the 5.1-channel TX-SR309. The two TX-NR receivers are network capable as well and all three of the new offerings have a USB port on the front.

Other features of the receivers include Made for iPod/iPhone certifications with the network models having support for streaming PC audio and Internet radio. The receivers support Windows 7 and DLNA and they can work with the remote app for the iPhone to control the receiver.

The network receivers have UWF-1 wireless USB adapters to give wireless web access. The TX-NR609 is THX Select2 plus certified and uses a Marvell Qdeo upscaler and it has six HDMI inputs. The TX-NR609 has Audyssey DSX for easier set up and more. The TX-NR509 has four HDMI inputs and 4k video upscaling. The cheapest version is the TX-SR309 with 5.1 channel support where the other two are 7.1-channel and it has three HDMI ports. The 609 sells for $599, the 509 is $399, and the 309 is $299.