OnePlus Z processor might not be so bad after all

When OnePlus launched the OnePlus X in 2015, it deviated from its numerical sequence to deliver a mid-range version of its flagship. It will apparently be repeating history with the OnePlus Z, carrying last year's specs to 2020 but with a slight difference. Unlike the OnePlus X, the OnePlus Z has been leaked to use a mid-range processor rather than an older high-end one. That may still be the case but, apparently, it won't be a MediaTek 5G chip.

Qualcomm may have the lion's share of the mobile processor market when it comes to the top of the line chips but it has traditionally competed with MediaTek on the lower tiers up until recently. For a while, it seemed that MediaTek had gone underground especially during the 5G hype phase but it recently resurfaced with its Dimensity chip, promising affordable 5G connectivity, be it on mid-tier or even premium handsets.

It is that MediaTek chip, specifically the Dimensity 1000L, that was earlier leaked to power the OnePlus Z. If that were the case, it would be the first OnePlus phone to use anything other than a Snapdragon. It may be a mixed bag, though, as the chip promises reduced costs but some may doubt its actual processing power.

For those who lean more towards Qualcomm's chips, a new leak suggests that the OnePlus Z may, in fact, use a Snapdragon chip after all. To stick to OnePlus' newfound 5G focus while keeping prices relatively lower, it will be using the Snapdragon 765 5G. Whether that's a plain 765 or the gaming-oriented 765G is still not verified.

This development might be a relief for those unsure of MediaTek's latest 5G chips. The company was earlier dragged into controversy when it practically admitted to what is commonly regarded as "benchmark cheating". Qualcomm, naturally, denies playing that game but also did nothing to stop OEMs from taking advantage of its processors for their own cheats.