OnePlus WellPaper puts Digital Wellbeing data on your home screen

Many people today practically live on their smartphones, even being able to do their work on small screens or with an external screen attached. Others, on the other hand, are glued to their screens because of games. Whatever the case, it might not be a good thing for one's overall well-being. That is one of the reasons why Google created its Digital Wellbeing suite of features. OnePlus, however, has a slightly different way of visualizing that wellbeing data and it's putting it on your home screen with its new WellPaper live wallpaper app.

WellPaper isn't exactly meant to compete with Android's default Digital Wellbeing app, especially since it doesn't actually provide detailed information about a person's smartphone use. The company explains that the motivation for the app came from uses who revealed they didn't exactly go to Digital Wellbeing that frequently. The reason, it turns out, is that the information is hidden inside Android's Settings app, which requires a few taps to get to.

What OnePlus' OneLab Studio did was to basically create a live wallpaper that puts that information right on your home screen, which is often just a single swipe or tap away. It groups the different apps installed on your phone into six categories of Social, Lifestyle and Communication, Entertainment, Gaming, Information and Business, and Tools. Depending on the frequency of use of those apps, those categories will take up a greater portion of the wallpaper.

How that data is visualized is also part of WellPaper's appeal. Users can choose from three different designs, including Composition with its shifting tiles, cyberpunk-inspired Glow, and soothing Radial that applies some soft blurring to Composition's tiles. OnePlus promises that this live wallpaper is battery efficient because it only updates every time the phone is unlocked. And for those that frequently lock and unlock their phones, there is also a delay to keep it from updating just as frequently.

OnePlus also assures that the app is private as it doesn't gather data from outside the device. It does, however, need an Internet connection to know which categories the apps fall in Google Play Store. WellPaper is now available on Google Play Store and, despite coming from OnePlus, is compatible with almost every Android phone.