OnePlus Watch update addresses major complaints, AOD still coming

Ewdison Then - Apr 21, 2021, 9:36pm CDT
OnePlus Watch update addresses major complaints, AOD still coming

OnePlus launched its first smartwatch last month after years of rumors and growing expectations. Unfortunately, the OnePlus Watch seems to have fallen short of the hype it generated, with many reviewers panning the wearable device. Fortunately, many of those complaints revolve around errors or missing features that can be addressed by software updates. That’s exactly what OnePlus is doing now with the OnePlus Watch’s first-ever firmware update that will hopefully make the $160 smartwatch a bit more worthwhile.

On the one hand, these bugs or missing features aren’t surprising considering OnePlus opted to develop its own RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) to squeeze out two weeks of battery life from the device. On the other hand, smartwatches have been around for quite a while, including those with their own OS, so you’d think OnePlus would already know by now what to look out for in version 1.0. That wasn’t the case, unfortunately, and some felt like they were using a beta device or software.

The new update announced on the OnePlus forums promises to bring some stability to the wearable. In particular, the changelog notes that step tracking and GPS which were found to be inaccurate have been improved. Notification syncing and the raise-to-wake gesture have likewise been optimized in this round.

At the same time, OnePlus is teasing what OnePlus Watch owners can expect in future OTA updates. Although it doesn’t exactly say when, the much requested Always-On Display feature will be arriving in the future. It’s a bit puzzling and amusing that a 12-hour format and 110+ work modes are still coming soon.

The OnePlus Watch’s advertised two-week battery life is definitely impressive but buyers might be a bit on the fence if it’s worth the bugs and missing features. There are definitely other options in the market, even those within that price range, making OnePlus’ first smartwatch almost like fan service than a competitive product, at least for now.

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