OnePlus Switch tries to make it easy to ditch your old phone

One of the complaints many new, and sometimes even old, Android users have is how difficult it actually is to switch from one device to another. They usually compare it to iOS' nearly seamless and nearly perfect process. It has only been in the last two years or so that Android finally got its own but very basic migration app. That's why OEMs have often stepped up to the task to provide tools to make it easier for users to switch to their new models, just like OnePlus' new Switch app.

The situation with Android data migration is almost ironic. Compared to iOS, the Android platform is more open and its data is not held hostage by the OS. And yet switching from one phone to another still isn't as painless nor as reliable.

Part of the problem is due to the fragmentation of the platform across several brands that have different settings and different apps. Sure, if you use Google for your contacts, that's one item checked off. But other pieces of data, especially photos, are still a pain.

OnePlus Switch makes yet another promise that, this time, things will be different. You simply have to install the app on your shiny new OnePlus phone and on an older phone you're about to abandon. Scan the QR code and select the items you want to transfer.

OnePlus Switch can already transfer data from Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Photos, Videos, Music, and even apps themselves. The one caveat to that last one is that app data isn't yet transferred, so you're starting from scratch. That, however, will come in a later update, along with support for Android phones running Android 5.0 or earlier and iOS.

Download: OnePlus Switch from Google Play Store