OnePlus Nord will have dual front cameras

OnePlus recently pledged to go back to doing what it does best, and that's launching affordable smartphones with flagship or near-flagship specs. While it doesn't discount the possibility of still putting out more expensive and higher-end phones, OnePlus is supposedly keeping in touch with its budget-conscious fans with what is now believed to be called the OnePlus Nord. Despite the less than premium hardware, however, this mid-range phone might actually have something very few premium flagships offer: two cameras on the front.

This latest rumor definitely goes against recent leaks, including some 3D renders of the OnePlus Nord. Then again, that is the nature of unofficial information and either or both pieces of information can turn out to be very wrong. Android Central, however, seems pretty convinced after seeing a version of the phone ready for mass production.

Its sources claim that the phone will have two front-facing imaging sensors, one 32 megapixel main shooter and an 8 megapixel wide-angle shooter. These will be placed in a larger punch-hole cutout off to the upper left corner of the phone, a hole that will necessarily be larger than previously leaked. No word on whose sensors will be used there.

It's definitely an upgrade over years of using single 16MP front cameras but some might also think it a bit superfluous for something used just for selfies and video calls. That is perhaps exactly OnePlus' marketing strategy here, making the OnePlus Nord look more appealing a crowd that will be able to afford this more wallet-friendly handset.

The OnePlus Nord might not be an underdog either and its Snapdragon 765G processor, which may or may not have 5G enabled. It will have a 90 Hz screen even, something few mid-range phones even offer. And if the rumored $300 price tag comes even close to reality, it might very well be another flagship killer, even killing OnePlus' own OnePlus 8.