OnePlus Nord N10, N100 US pre-orders come with freebies

Although OnePlus mostly makes its phones available in all markets, including the US, but its new Nord line tells a different story. The first OnePlus Nord, which was a rather decent mid-ranger, wasn't sold directly in the US and, instead, the more entry-level OnePlus Nord N10 and Nord N100 would take its place in that market. OnePlus has already announced a US launch for these two but if you pre-order directly from the manufacturer, you'll be able to grab a free accessory.

To be fair, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G isn't all that bad, just that it steps back a bit with a slightly lower Snapdragon 690, and a bigger 6.49-inch screen that results in a lower pixel density. It does at least have 5G support and even has a microSD card slot that the plain OnePlus Nord doesn't.

The OnePlus Nord N100, on the other hand, is a budget Android phone through and through. Its Snapdragon 490 rules out any 5G support, of course, and the larger 6.52-inch HD+ display has an even lower pixel density than its sibling. Of course, you wouldn't be looking at this phone exactly for its features but for its price tag.

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G and Nord N100 will be available on January 15, both directly from OnePlus as well as from T-Mobile. If, however, you place an order now on OnePlus' site, you'll be able to grab a free OnePlus Buds Z White for the $300 OnePlus Nord N10 5G and a OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Black for the $180 OnePlus Nord N100. Unfortunately, you can't pick any other color for those freebies.

While OnePlus' Nord phones are definitely attractive in price and specs, one factor may leave more serious Android fans and smartphone users still on the fence. OnePlus has revealed that these two Nord phones will only get one major Android upgrade, in contrast to the three promised for its mainline OnePlus phones, and the company hasn't backed down so far despite the backlash.