OnePlus Buds, charging cases leak ahead of expected reveal

Just last week, OnePlus confirmed that it's working on a new pair of wireless earbuds called, appropriately, OnePlus Buds. At the time of that reveal, OnePlus didn't show off the earbuds themselves, but now just a week later we're seeing them in the flesh (or at least the plastic) thanks to the appearance of a new companion app for them.Android Police spotted the app, dubbed OnePlus Pods, after it had been uploaded to APK Mirror. The app was lurking in several OxygenOS updates for the OnePlus 8 family of devices, and is home to a number of images of both the OnePlus Buds and their accompanying charging cases.

It seems that OnePlus Buds will be available in three different colors: black, white, and cyan, with matching charging cases. In the case of the cyan Buds, you even get a multi-colored charging case, as the inside is yellow (alas, the inner color schemes of the other cases match the outside). The images that were included in this app show close up images of the earbuds themselves, and from a design standpoint at least, it seems we do indeed have a true wireless challenger to Apple's AirPods.

What's particularly interesting about this leak is the fact that the app contains a number of instructional images that describe how to use features like on-the-fly translation, active noise control, quick pairing, and more basic features like media control. So, from those images at least, we get a better idea of what the OnePlus Buds will be capable of – check out some of the instructional images in the gallery above, along with a mysterious pair of earbuds that were also pictured in the app.

As this leak happens, we're still waiting on a full reveal from OnePlus, which is apparently coming alongside the AR reveal of the OnePlus Nord tomorrow. It's then we'll see just what these earbuds can do, and – perhaps more importantly – how much they'll cost.