OnePlus' Android-based OxygenOS now available for download

Good news for users of OnePlus' One smartphone, as the manufacturer has just announced its long-awaited OxygenOS operating system is now available to download. While the release in one week behind the company's original promised date, the Android-based operating system brings much of the design and features of Lollipop to the One, replacing the CyanogenMod ROM that previously powered the device. On the blog post announcing the news, the company writes they have a goal of "providing faster, more meaningful updates and a better-integrated range of services for every OnePlus user," going forward.

Installation instructions, as well as the actual OxygenOS download, are available on OnePlus' site, and not yet offered as an over-the-air update. As the installation will completely replace the Cyanogen operating system, users must manually wipe and flash their device. For users curious about OxygenOS's functions and appearance, OnePlus also posted a video preview.

Among the features available are a file manager, which should appeal to power users out there, as well customizations to the lockscreen and quick settings, allowing options to be re-ordered by preference. Various gestures from Cyanogen OS 11s can also be found in OxygenOS, including drawing on the screen and launching apps like camera or flashlight.

While the list of upgrades and changes might sound short, especially since the release was delayed by a week or so, OnePlus says its goal was a stable, reliable update, and their focus was on "things like performance and battery life over gimmicks and bloated features." However, the company is also eager to receive feedback from users, and have even made a special app available for comments and criticism.

SOURCE OnePlus Blog