OnePlus 8T update reportedly comes with audio, video bugs

OnePlus is one of those manufacturers that try to be more upfront, consistent, and speedy with their monthly updates. That said, it still hasn't been able to push a stable version of Android 11 to even the OnePlus 8 Pro. In the meantime, it continues to update all its phones, including the OnePlus 8T that already runs on Android 11. Unfortunately, its latest maintenance release may have come with a rather serious bug that is causing an uproar from its owners.

Granted, very few software can be claimed to be 100% bug-free and the more complicated the software is, the higher the chances of bugs sneaking in. That said, some functionality is almost so critical that you'd expect developers to test them first before pushing out updates. Unfortunately, there are times when bugs can be so random that it's difficult to trace what's causing them.

That may be the case with the OxygenOS update that has been causing problems for some but not all OnePlus 8T owners. These are reporting audio and video issues when playing media both from offline and online sources. There are also unrelated complaints of some overall performance degradation after the update.

While OnePlus reportedly acknowledged the issue, it hasn't come out with a sure fix. Even the immediate update for EU models didn't address the issue. Some users have found rather odd ways to fix it but only until the phone's next restart.

Other than that, the update should have been a rather uneventful and welcome way to end the year right for OnePlus 8T owners. It improves full-screen gestures and fingerprint recognition as well as adding a height adjustment feature for the virtual keyboard. A bit disappointing, however, that it only includes the November 2020 security patch, not the latest December 2020 fixes.