OnePlus 8 specs confirmed by OnePlus itself

We're leaving March behind but, unfortunately, some things won't be staying behind as much as we want them to. We still need to look forward, especially for companies that have yet to launch their 2020 highlight. Yes, we're talking about OnePlus who, for better or worse, decided to let others get the stage first. In two weeks, though, it will finally be taking the wraps off the OnePlus 8. But not before doing its own style of drumming up hype, which pretty much involves actually pre-announcing most of the phone's basic specs.

Of course, we pretty much know about these from a nearly endless stream of leaks but it's good to get it from the horse's mouth directly. OnePlus isn't the only one doing this kind of marketing strategy though LG often leaves out the name of the product that will use its new components. Here, OnePlus makes it unambiguous that it's the OnePlus 8 it's talking about.

There is, of course, the Snapdragon 865 which will deliver not just power but also the 5G connectivity that OnePlus already confirmed. This is paired with LPDDR5 RAM, currently the fastest kind available to phones, and UFS 3.0 storage, also the next fastest in the market (there's UFS 3.1 now).

And then there's one of the phone's real highlights, the 120Hz Fluid Display it announced months ago. Of course, by now it isn't the only game in the market so it remains to be seen what unique features it will bring to the table.

Then again, the OnePlus 8 could wrap all the same familiar features and people will still quickly reach out for it because of its relatively more accessible price tag. This year could be slightly different though, as the company admits it won't shy away from raising prices if warranted. Given the global situation, though, new phones, even the less expensive ones, might be the least of people's priorities.