OnePlus 7 Pro will be water-resistant but don't drop it in water

OnePlus boasts of many things about its phones but the one thing that it never put into writing is their water resistance. For generations, it has refused to get OnePlus phones IP-certified, something that its own users have complained about. The OnePlus 7 Pro won't be breaking the mold but the company is assuring customers that it will be water-resistant enough. Just don't try to intentionally drown it in water or any other liquid.

With just days before its planned debut, Carl Pei took to the OnePlus forum to clarify its latest controversial teaser. Its video showed a OnePlus phone, presumably the OnePlus 7 Pro, being dropped in a bucket of water. It doesn't show the phone surviving because that would reveal the OnePlus 7 Pro too early, but that was the point OnePlus was trying to make.

It also reiterated what it said about IP ratings last year. Those certifications cost OnePlus money and, therefore, will cost buyers money. They might be an industry standard but they don't exactly predict real-world scenarios. Just like drop tests and folding screen tests. In other words, OnePlus is saying you don't need IP ratings. You just need to trust the manufacturer when it promises that the OnePlus 7 Pro is as waterproof as you will need it to be.

That said, Pei also advises not to go around testing that out. For one, it's not covered by warranties, just like phones with IP ratings don't cover water damages. But if you decide to go ahead with your self-made dunking test, you can't sue OnePlus anyway. Having no IP rating means it makes no explicit guarantee on paper.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is definitely shaping up to be an interesting flagship, especially for its expected price tag. CEO Pete Lau just confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will also have the fastest UFS 3.0 storage in the market. That also means it will have the most expensive mobile phone storage in the market as well.