OnePlus 7 Pro owners are divided on camera quality

Benchmarks are great for starting a discussion as those usually have set rules and guidelines that can make comparisons a bit more consistent and standardized. They aren't, however, great for gauging real-world performance, which can vary wildly depending on unpredictable factors and, sometimes, personal preference. That seems to be the case with the OnePlus 7 Pro which has been given rather high scores on DxOMark, putting it in second place (tied with the Honor 20 Pro). Now that the phone is actually in users' hands, however, some are questioning how the site achieved those figures.

Users on the OnePlus forums have flocked to air their complaints about the less than acceptable quality of the company's latest and much-praised flagship. They're not alone, though as some YouTubers and tech reviewers have also gone public about their disappointment. Complicating matters, however, is the fact that not all owners agree with those criticisms, claiming to have had good if not great experiences with the phone. Still, others try to point out flaws in the image quality comparisons made by some owners.

OxygenOS Product Manager Jimmy Z tried to assure owner's that they're listening to every feedback, good or bad. He also notes that software updates improve the camera and that one was pushed out just recently. DxOMark even notes in their review that the version of the ROM that they used would be available to consumers before the end of the month.

Jimmy Z, however, also tried to point out how subjective camera quality assessments can be. Never mind the environmental variables, there are also factors like the viewer's personal preferences to factor in. He isn't downplaying the complaints, however, but asks for some patience as they sift through every sample and complaint sent to them.

Of course, the situation does questions on the validity and usefulness of such benchmarks if they end up not reflecting what users experience in the real world. While the jury is still out on whether the OnePlus 7 Pro's high marks are truly deserved, the company's response is encouraging at the very least.