OnePlus 5 isn't much of a secret anymore thanks to OnePlus

Smartphone makers have a hard time keeping things under wraps these days. Even Apple is no exception. But while some still try to fight the good fight, OnePlus seems to have taken a different approach, one that joins 'em since it can't beat 'em. Nearly spilling all the beans, OnePlus has released a teaser image that confirms that the OnePlus 5 will indeed look like an iPhone 7 Plus, save for one very subtle, perhaps unnoticeable difference.

In one single tweet, OnePlus has practically confirmed two rumored and expected features of the OnePlus 5. It will indeed have dual cameras, laid out horizontally, at the top left corner of the smartphone's rear. Amusingly, the large LED flash is almost dead center at the top.

If that weren't enough to call to mind the larger iPhone model, the antenna lines and curved edges probably would. OnePlus, however, notes one way the OnePlus 5's design differs. Its smartphone has a "continuous hard edge" that has been refined for 3 years already. How that translates into practice, we'll have to see in less than two weeks.

In a post over at its official forums, OnePlus also teases the smartphone's improved audio recording capabilities. The OnePlus 5 might support Hi-Fi audio capture though it isn't yet known whether it will be via multiple microphones.

All in all, OnePlus has all but revealed everything that needs to be known about the OnePlus 5, from its Snapdragon 835 processor, "improved" dual cameras, improved audio recording, and even its design. All that's left is confirmation of the 8 GB RAM and, perhaps, reassurance that the headphone jack will still be there. It is definitely not on "the other side".