OnePlus 5 and 5T updates blocked by a serious, unfixed bug

OnePlus has always prided itself on never settling for the status quo, be it in the pricing of its devices or its commitment to regular and timely software updates. It hasn't exactly been perfect in those promises but it can't be faulted for not trying. There has been some discontent, however, among owners of the 2017 OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T over the lack of updates since May and now the company is coming clean on its silence and, unfortunately, it's not all good news.

Both phones, while already more than two years in the market, should still be supported with at least security patches until November this year. In fact, it was only last May when OnePlus rolled out Android 10, which the two devices were indeed entitled to since that version of Android launched only last year. Unfortunately, that seems to be the start of the two phones' woes when it comes to updates.

Breaking its silence, OnePlus explains that they came across a rather serious bug in the latest build for the two phones, one that affected the communication module. Even after the back and forth with carriers, it seems that OnePlus is still stumped on how to fix it. As such, it hasn't yet been able to release a stable update for the two.

What made matters worse for users, however, was the company's silence on the matter, something it admits it could have handled better. It admits that it didn't communicate sooner because it had no idea when it will be able to give a fix. It's communicating now and will do so again once they've made progress.

When that will be, even OnePlus doesn't know. Unfortunately, it still leaves many OnePlus 5/5T owners in a bit of a bind since the latest Android 10 update already broke a few things for them. Now they're waiting on updates that could fix those issues but potentially add new ones as well.