OnePlus 2 fans in North America will have to wait 2-3 weeks more

Is this an omen of things to come? The self-proclaimed "2016 flagship killer" hasn't even begun shipping yet and it's already a bit of bad news, at least for those in the US and Canada. OnePlus has revealed that the OnePlus 2's North American tour will begin almost a month later than intended. To be exact, "2 to 3 weeks after shipments to Europe". This despite claiming that production is in full swing. Without further explanation, we can only wonder about the reason for the delay.

To be fair, this is almost expected. Even larger companies experience delays, though most manufacturers try hard to keep to their promised dates. What more a small startup like OnePlus. Add in the fact that OnePlus continues to boast of the millions of invite requests it has received. In short, delays might be inevitable.

OnePlus says that production schedules are to blame for the delays and we can only hope that it's really only that. There is a possibility that those schedules might have been impacted by the volume of smartphones that has to be produced. Hopefully, OnePlus didn't overestimate its production capabilities given how much it has hyped the OnePlus 2. Further delays and hiccups along the way could provide more ammo for those who already criticize the startup's very exclusive invite-only process.

The slightly good news is that only shipments are delayed. The August 11 start of sales is still on schedule. At least for those who have already gotten their hands on that rare invite. In theory, China, Europe, and India will be the first ones to receive the OnePlus 2, even as early as this week. The US and Canada, then, will just have to wait until September to get their hands on one. No other changes have been announced, meaning Southeast Asian countries will still have to wait a lot longer up to the end of the year.