OneNote for Windows, mobile scores several big new features

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 12, 2015, 2:30 pm CST
OneNote for Windows, mobile scores several big new features

Microsoft has announced new OneNote updates for its desktop and mobile users, with several features arriving across Android, iOS and PC. Android, for example, has received a floating OneNote badge icon, while iOS and Online users are being graced with audio recording, positioning the software to compete better with Evernote. Even better, the features are available now, so those on Windows or either of the aforementioned mobile platforms can update now to see the changes.

First up is the audio recording feature, which allows someone to record audio — a lecture, for example — directly in the software. This feature has come to the Web and to the iOS app, meaning both iPhone and iPad users can now take advantage of it. To record, just hit up Insert > Record Audio. A small recording window will appear with a “Stop” button.

From there, OneNote Online has been updated with a new “Insert, File Attachment” feature for inserting an attachment, like PowerPoint slides, alongside notes. OneNote 2016 for desktop now has the option to embed online videos via a new Online Video button. This supports YouTube, Vimeo and Office Mix content.

Says Microsoft, it is working on adding support for more video sources soon.

Joining these is that aforementioned floating Android badge, which improves things for multi-taskers. Using the badge, which can float anywhere on the device’s screen, users are able to copy and paste content from a different app without having to toggle. Notes placed this way are saved within Quick Notes. This particular feature is rolling out in phases, though, so some users will have to wait longer to see it; two to three weeks total.

Finally, for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users, OneNote has Force Touch support, which can be used to create a note or jump directly into Recent Notes. Lastly, the software has been optimized for the iPad Pro.

SOURCE: Office Blogs

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