One2OneMate StudentMate is technically a UMPC for $400

It weighs less than two pounds and has a touch screen which seems to be the more important qualifications for a UMPC. On top of that there is a full keyboard, no num pad though.

The screen is seven inches and has a resolution of 800x480. The StudentMate has both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options. It runs on Linux which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It has 128MB of memory, no HDD, but the memory is expandable by both SD cards and USB. As far as software goes it has a web browser, word processor, spread sheet software, contact list, a clock and calendar. For students there is also a calculator, typing tutor, home work helper, student summary list, and a mail client.

The StudentMate was supposed to be released in June for $399, but no luck so far. There is also supposed to be another model geared towards more professional people called the DataMate, it is supposed to retail for $450, with Palm scrapping the Foleo, and this thing being based on Linux, we could be looking at a possible replacement for that device.

One2OneMate's StudentMate is a sort of $400 UMPC [via ChipChick]