One-way Mars trip sees thousands of astronaut applications

Earlier this month, we told you about a Mars initiative where a non-profit company called Mars One would be planning to send astronauts to Mars on a one-way trip to colonize the red planet. The company is expecting a lot of applications — up in the seven-digit range, and they may reach that goal, because 20,000 people have already applied in just three days.

The plan is to put astronauts on Mars by 2023, and they will begin the recruitment process in July. The company began accepting video applications last week, and anyone can apply, but there's an application fee of $25, which is there to prevent spammers and those not serious about joining the expedition from applying.

The money earned from application fees are predicted to reach in the millions of dollars, and that money will be spent to help fund the entire project. Essentially, those who apply will have to agree to fly to Mars and say there for the rest of their lives, helping build a colony on the red planet in the meantime.

Mars One will narrow down its applicants to a short list of 24 to 40 applicants, with the final group being selected by a TV audience. The final group will be the first group to head to Mars. The short list of candidates is said to be selected by July 2015, so if you plan on applying, you'll be waiting a couple years before you hear back, giving all new meaning to the hiring phrase, "we'll let you know."

[via io9]