One of YouTube's first 8K videos is almost impossible to watch

Just in case 4K video isn't cutting it for you, one of the first uploads to YouTube in 8K has been made recently. Google says that footage of that quality has been supported since 2010, but only earlier this year was a 8K/4320p label added to YouTube. Ghost Towns, from user NeumannFilms, was uploaded to the site less than a week ago, on June 7th. The interesting thing is, there's very few people with computers powerful enough to play something of this size.

The video itself is just a short look at an abandoned mining settlement, full of slow panning shots. It was shot using a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera, and NeumannFilms says the footage was then upscaled or stitched together to hit 8K quality.

If you do happen to have a computer with enough resources to watch the video in the highest resolution, know that you'll be able to play it in Chrome or Safari without issue. As for the rest of us, we'll have to be satisfied with 4K and lower resolutions.

It's difficult to guess when 8K will become more commonplace. At this point, there's little hardware out that's capable of playing it, so creators are less inclined to produce it. But if there's little content available, consumers are less interested in upgrading to the necessary hardware. As it is, there are only a few cameras in existence that can record in 8K, and most of them aren't yet available to consumers.

SOURCE NeumannFilms/YouTube

VIA 9 to 5 Google