One of the best Star Wars games ever is reportedly getting a remake

There's been no lack of excellent Star Wars games released throughout the years, but one of the most fondly-remembered has to be Knights of the Old Republic. Created by BioWare in 2003, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic spawned a sequel and an eventual MMO that's still going strong to this day. There have been rumors swirling of a potential remaster or remake of Knights of the Old Republic for quite some time now, and today we have more information on that front thanks to a new report.

During an interview with Ben Hanson of MinnMax on YouTube, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier confirmed that a Knights of the Old Republic remake is indeed in the works and that Aspyr Media is handling the development duties. Aspyr Media is no stranger to Knights of the Old Republic, as it was the studio that ported the game to iOS and Android.

In fact, Aspyr Media has been on something of a Star Wars kick recently – in 2020, it released a port of Star Wars: Episode I – Racer on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One and followed that up with a port of Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy for Switch and PS4. Earlier this year, it released a port of Star Wars: Republic Commando for Switch and PlayStation 4 as well.

Historically, Aspyr Media has been known for porting games, so it's interesting to hear that the studio could be working on a full-blown remake of Knights of the Old Republic. Unfortunately, Schreier's conversation with MinnMax didn't reveal more details about the remake, so we don't know when it might be releasing or what it could encompass. Considering that Knights of the Old Republic is quickly closing in on its 20th anniversary, however, hopefully we'll get some dramatically upgraded graphics and baked-in support for modern resolutions.

As always, it's important to take unconfirmed rumors with a grain of salt, but it's particularly easy to believe that a remake of Knights of the Old Republic is in the works given that game's popularity. We'll let you know if Aspyr Media announces anything along the lines of a KOTOR remake in the future, so stay tuned for more.