One Fast Cat keeps your cat in shape

I love fat cats, they are cuddly and reminded me of Garfield, but if you have cats as pet, you want them to be healthy and fit – A Kickstarter project called One Fast Cat has raised over $250k to create an exercise wheel for cats aimed to keep your furry ones in shape.

The creator of this project, Sean Farley feels that cats have the instinct to run and hunt; however as pet, cats are deprived of these activities and kept mostly indoor. Hunting requires a burst of energy; while it is only short burst, it is enough to keep cats in shape. By creating this project, Mr. Farley hoped to provide an alternative activity for cats to stay healthy while staying inside the house.

One Fast Cat is going to be sold online for $199 and will be available in black, green, pink, and blue. For overseas orders, the company plans to use and will start shipping internationally in September.