Oncore's 6-Bay Battery Charger Keeps You Powered

If you have trouble keeping your laptop's battery charged it would certainly seem beneficial to have more than one on hand. But if you use an Apple notebook, you may have already run into their notoriously poor battery life. When you need a lot of battery power, you might want to consider the Oncore 6-bay Battery Charger to keep your notebook up and running.


This battery charger can charge up three batteries all at once. Plus, it can keep six charged and ready for you when you need them. And though the charger only works with Apple notebooks, you're not stuck to just the new models. The older iBooks are also compatible with this device.

A nifty charger like this is especially useful in a situation where more than one person needs power but none have a power cord (or an outlet) on hand. Classrooms may especially benefit.

[via CrunchGear]