OmniVision to Supply CMOS Image Sensors for Two Cameras on New iPad

Evan Selleck - Oct 29, 2010
OmniVision to Supply CMOS Image Sensors for Two Cameras on New iPad

Rumors regrading the next generation iPad may not be as robust as, say, rumors regarding the iPhone heading to Verizon, but it’s good to see that they’re still alive and well. With a new report from Barron’s, it looks like the tablet device from Apple will not only be getting one camera on the back of the device, but one right on the front, too.

Of course, a rumor like this isn’t new by any means. When Apple’s FaceTime video chatting software was unveiled, there was people immediately talking about the possibility of using the application on the iPad. The first generation tablet device doesn’t support the ability to do it, so the obvious thing for Apple to do would be to have it supported in the second generation. According to the report, Apple is set to announce the second version of the tablet in the first quarter of 2011.

The company behind the CMOS image sensors you’ll find in the iPhone, OmniVision, is apparently also tapped to do the same thing for the pair of cameras in the iPad, according to investment firm Detweiler Fenton. The company is apparently building a 5MP camera for the back of the device, and an unknown mega-pixel for the front. At this point, considering the impact that FaceTime has had for Apple, there’s probably no doubt that Apple would want to include the feature for the tablet. But, is the camera on the back of the device necessary for a 10-inch tablet? That’s probably up to personal preference.

[via Barrons]

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