OMGPOP's Draw Something becomes #1 social game

Watch out, Zynga. There's a new kid on the block and his name is OMGPOP. For the first time in several months, Zynga is not at the top of the list in AppData's running tally of the most popular games being played on Facebook and mobile phones. Instead, it's a Pictionary close by the name of Draw Something, and it's quickly becoming the hot new thing.

According to AppData, Draw Something has managed to climb to 10.8 million daily active users. The #2 title, which was previously a shoo-in for the top spot, is Zynga's Word With Friends with just 8.6 million daily active users. What's interesting is that virtually all of Draw Something's traffic comes from mobile phones, while Words With Friends has a more even desktop-mobile split.

AppData information only contains users who are authenticate to the game through a Facebook log-in, whether on a phone or a PC. Zynga's Cityville still reigns supreme when the numbers are crunched on a daily basis. 46.2 million users are logging into their virtual city at least once a month, while Draw Something is behind at 16.2 million, meaning Draw Something has a great dedicated base that's playing on a daily basis, with only about 60% more people only popping in for a game every now and then. That could change, though, as Draw Something momentum grows.

[via VentureBeat]