Olympus touchscreen PEN Pro tipped in incoming range refresh

Fans of the Olympus PEN camera range have something to be excited about today. Three new cameras have been tipped for the range. A rumor points to three new camera models set to land. The rumor originated with PhotoRadar and claims that one of the new cams will have a touchscreen on the back.

Along with that touchscreen PEN will also reportedly come a new mid-range camera for the PEN line with a tilting screen and a new PEN camera with flash. The rumors claim the announcement on the new cameras will be made as early as next month.

43rumors reports that its sources say there will be no new cameras landing from Olympus next month. It says that the May/June period is when new cameras are expected. As with all rumors take these with a grain of salt and we will just have to wait and see what pans out to be the correct rumor.

[via 43rumors]