OLED is not DOA yet

I read the Toshiba's announcement to put a halt on current OLED TV development due to higher production cost and power consumption with dismay. Not exactly a cease operation but delaying until year of 2009 or 2010 and wait for the demand on display market. It would be a while before I can afford an ultra thin, 100,000:1 contrast Ratio display.

The Japanese has not lost interest in high cost panel entirely, the tiny little 11" Sony's XEL-1 is scheduled to hit US in 2008. Then there's Canon's investment on Tokki Corp, one of the largest OLED display manufacture, looks to reenter the flat panel market after a SED licensing dispute with Nano-Proprietary. Last but not least, Samsung just announced the 31" AM OLED TV is ready to showcase on the coming CES. Well, It's quite a let-down considering it was 9" bigger in CES 2005 with the same AM technology. Let's hope it leads its way to a commercialize product nexy year despite the smaller size. OLED is still alive. You bet I would be the first to get the first OLED in town (probably not, I mean 11"? come on....)

Samsung Develops 31-inch OLED TV