OLED based watch looks amazing

James Allan Brady - Nov 21, 2007

I don’t know what it is about the way OLEDs look, but I have always liked it, its kind of a retro look I guess, anyways, this watch works solely with and OLED display. When its not telling time, it displays a field of stars, a starry night sky if you will.

But if you shake it or tap it on the screen, it comes alive and shapes into a proper time discerning device. Its just an analog clock, it’d be cooler if it was digital, or if you had a choice, but its still a cool looking watch.

Right now its just a design by Lv Zhogfang, its their TIWE watch. Hopefully this concept makes it into production though.

Oled watch: my god, its full of stars [via technabob]

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