Older PS3s are fetching crazy prices in Japan

I've been wondering how long it would take for people to start charging a premium for the discontinued 20GB and 60GB PS3 models. Why would someone pay more for an older version? Backwards compatibility. Apparently in Japan these two models are fetching a hefty price.

Currently the only systems being offered by Sony in Japan are the 40GB consoles which have no backwards compatibility. To give you an idea, 20GB systems are being sold on Amazon for around $617, which is about twice as much as a new 40GB console. The 60GB versions are worse at around $723.

I'm still curious how long it will be before Sony realizes just how important backwards compatibility is to their customers. Sure, the 80GB version here in the US has something of a solution, but it's poor at best. They seriously need to rethink their current strategy in this regard.

[via PS3 Fanboy]