Old Spice’s latest ad campaign ushers in Mandroid

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 14, 2014, 8:16am CDT
Old Spice’s latest ad campaign ushers in Mandroid

Old Spice, noteworthy for its odd commercials (particularly those featuring Terry Crews), has rolled out a new ad campaign, this one with a man who isn’t quite human. The Mandroid, as he calls himself, is as much wires and hydraulics as he is artificial flesh, awkwardly finding himself in fortunate situations.

The Mandroid, if the themes continue, finds himself clumsily — or by way of those pesky technological glitches — coming across as less than charismatic in his efforts to find human-based love. Of course, it’s the presence of Old Spice scent that saves the day.

The ads are unusual, with The Mandroid no doubt serving to take place of an awkward human male that just might, the company slyly suggests, get an edge from its products. Whether the unusual presence of a robotic man will translate into the same viral reality as some of its previous ads, however, is less certain.

The second ad, featured below, keeps up the shtick, tossing an unfortunate blue screen of death sort of malfunction into the mix that, predictably, only proves to the Mandroid’s benefit.

SOURCE: Mashable

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