Oh Geeky Tree, Oh Geeky Tree, How Square Are Thy Branches

Geeks like to build stuff out of Lego. It's a fact of life. Geeks also like Christmas, that's when we tend to get new gadgets and stuff. The only downside to decorating for the holidays is that the setting up your tree can be a real pain in the rear.

If you want to go a bit smaller in scale with your declarations and make them really geeky this year, you need to build this Lego Christmas tree diorama thingy. What we have here are the plans to build that looks like a little corner of a house with a blocky Christmas tree in it.

You can get the plans for building your own at the source link if you have Lego Digital Designer 4.0 software. This is the same software you needed for those Lego tree ornaments I mentioned a week or so back. You can also buy the complete kit at Lego Digital Designer for about $25. You can supply your own bricks too and just work form the plans.