Odd Keystone Eco Tag marks your baggage and charges your gadgets

Every now and then, I see some gadgets that have features that just don't seem to be at home in the same device. This Keystone Eco Tag is one of those devices. The thing is a normal luggage tag that you write your name on and connect to your suitcase.

The Eco Tag also has a built-in solar charger that can recharge a set of AAA batteries or your USB connected gadgets as well. The device can charge the gadgets in four hours of direct sunlight or with eight hours of indirect sunlight.

The match up of a luggage tag and a solar charger makes a little more sense if you consider that many travelers spend lots of time stuck in airport waiting areas where there is lots of sunlight and not many outlets to recharge. You can connect your iPhone and charge it up while you wait for your flight. The device is set to ship in February for $35.