OCZ 1TB Colossus SSD pricing, release date revealed

OCZ announced more information about their 1TB Colossus SSD today. First shown off at Computex, the storage device had it's release date and pricing information finally revealed today.Updated with full pricing/sizes after the cut

This new drive can hold a 3.5-inch drive bay and is capable of handling up to 250MB/s read and 200MB/s write speeds. All of this on a SATA II interface, no less. Other specs include a JMicron controller that drives the RAID 0.

You can expect to pay a whopping $2,500 when the 1TB OCZ Colossus SSD is released by the middle of the month. However, a 512GB version is expected sometime in the near future for those on a tighter budget.

Update: OCZ have confirmed that there will be four models in total, the Colossus 120 (128GB, 250 (256GB), 500 (512GB) and 1TB (1024GB) priced at $300, $650, $1,200 and $2,200 respectively.  They'll be available to buy in less than a month.